1987 - Start of a new era for BMW

A new era in BMW racing history started with the introduction of the new E30 M3. This car was a total success from the start and won almost every racing series it started in all over the world, and did so for many years. In fact, it still is one of the most popular racing cars for club racing and private teams.

Some private teams continued to use the now outdated BMW 635 CSi for some years. The most successful BMW 635 CSi driver in Germany this year was Anton Goeser who managed to take 77 points in the DTM series and finnished eight in the final standings.

Final standings in DTM 1987


No Driver Car Points
1 Eric van de Poele BMW M3 127
2 Manuel Reuter Ford Sierra Cosworth 124
3 Marc Hessel BMW M3 123
4 Olaf Manthey BMW M3 113
5 Harald Grohs BMW M3 102
6 Per Stureson Volvo 240 Turbo 87
7 Kurt König BMW M3 82
8 Anton Goeser BMW 635 CSi 77
9 Jörg van Ommen Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 76
10 Thomas von Löwis BMW M3 71










Season 1986