1982 - Reworked body and chassi


1982 635 CSi

 The body and chassi developments that started some years ago made it´s debut this year. An average of 60kg/132lbs was reduced from the body, giving a total weight of 1430kg for all models.

The modifications not only made the car lighter, but also a lot stronger. BMW had spent a lot of time (and money) in laboratory simulations and crash tests that finally resulted in the completely reworked and stronger body shell.


Chassi engineering

The most noticeable changes to the chassi was a new front and rear end adopted from the 5-series (that got the same setup a year earlier). The front end got a full double link suspension and the rear end got a new 13° trailing arm layout with an additional top mounted link. All toghether it was a package that improved the road-holding quite significant. Further news on the chassi was that the ABS breaks that had been optional since 1979 now become standard in all models.

1982-89 Front end

1982-89 Rear end

13° trailing arm layout with an additional top mounted link. Notice the non-ventilated rear disc breaks (adopted from the 5-series).


New engine for 635 CSi


The somewhat overbored 3453cc engine for the 635 CSi was found to have some service problems, this was also the reason why BMW developed a new engine for the 635 CSi.

The new engine was developed from the 3210cc unit found in 633 CSi. It had the same 86mm stroke but a new 92mm bore, giving a total of 3430cc.

The power and torque remained the same as it's precursor, thanks to a new version of the DME unit and a higher (10:1) compression ratio. The new DME had a new graph to control the warm-up cold start phase and the idling speed was reduced by 50rpm.

All this, together with a standard overdrive five speed gearbox reduced the fuel consumption about 15%.

1982 3430cc engine in 635 CSi

  • Six cylinder SOHC, 30° slant installation
  • Bore 92mm, stroke 86mm
  • Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection
  • 218bhp @ 5200rpm
  • 290Nm @ 4300rpm
  • 0-62mph in 7.4 seconds
  • Top speed 229 Km/h


Interior changes




The interior was reworked with a new three spoke steering wheel, 1982-dash-layout new dash layout  including a sii-service-interval-indicator Service Interval Indicator (SII) , electronic-fuel-economy-indicator electric fuel economy indicator, new layout of the check-control-system Check Control system.

Standard in 635 CSi but optional in other models was a new 10 function  on-board-computer On-board computer (OBC).






Electronic fuel economy indicator
Check Control system 

On-board computer

Key English Description
TEMP TEMP Check outside temperature
ANK ARR Obtain probable arrival time
GESCHW SPEED A gong sounds when the specified speed is reached
VERBR CONSUMPTION Obtain maximum and average fuel consumption
REICHW RANGE Estimated distance with remaining fuel
AUSF EXIT Read remaining distance to target

Time at which the independent heater is switched on (option).

If the independent heater is not present an alarm chime will sound at the programmed time

DIST DIST Input and display distance to target
CODE CODE Activate (or unlock) anti-start device
KORR/START CORR/START Two function key, KORR is used to cancel incorrect input and START sets the stopwatch timer in motion
STOP STOP Halt the stopwatch timer
UHR/LOCK CLOCK/LOCK Two function key, UHR resets the time readout and LOCK hold any of the other display functions


SII - Service Interval Indicator 

The coloured indicator lights show the driver how long it is to the next inspection or when the oil has to be changed.

The more indicator lights that are lit, the closer it is to a oil change or a service inspection.

The electronics behind the SII read and store information from several sensors and also how the car is driven.

Hard driving means shorter service intervals, while a restrained style of driving will give longer intervals.


Minor exterior changes

The exterior was left almost unchanged, most noticeable was that the fog lamps where integrated with the front end panelwork, on the 628/633 CSi that is. The 635 CSi still had the fog lamps mounted in front of the front spoiler.

628/633 CSi - Integrated fog lamps 635 CSi front spoiler with fog lamps mounted in front of the spoiler


633 CSi no longer available in Europe

The 633 CSi was still in production, mainly for Japan and USA, but it was not available in Europe.


Production numbers for 1982


Model Units Total for model Total all models
628 CSi 613 1111 7593
628 CSi A 266
628 CSi RHD 53
628 CSi A RHD 179
633 CSi USA 1102 2035
633 CSi A USA 933
633 CSi A Japan 299 299
635 CSi 2400 4148
635 CSi A 1009
635 CSi RHD 165
635 CSi A RHD 574