1982 - BMW wins the title, but not with a 635 CSi


This was a experimental year for all teams involved in European Touring Car racing since new regulations meant that Group A cars had to be produced in 5000 units instead of 1000 units as in the prior years of Group 2 regulations.

Since the 635 CSi was (temporarily) out of the game, BMW teams tried the less powerful 528i 4-door saloon, and with success ! Jaguar won 4 races, but more successful was the BMW teams with the 528i, they won 6 rounds and the title went to the Eggenberger team from Switzerland with Helmut Kelleners and Umberto Grano as drivers.

By the end of summer 1982 BMW managed to get the new 635 CSi homologated (see history section for details on body and chassi changes this year). It was way too late to win the championship with the 6er though.

BMW Motorsport was focused on formula 1 and felt that they simply did not have enough time and resources available to do the engine development necessary for the touring car series.

Agreement was made with Alpina to develope a Group A engine powerful and reliable enough to compete in the European Touring Car Championship.


Final drivers standing ETCC 1982, top 3


No  Team  Car  Drivers Points
1  Eggenberger Motorsport  BMW 528i

 Umberto Grano (I)

 Helmut Kelleners (D)

2  Team Motul Jaguar  Jaguar XJ-S

 Tom Walkinshaw (GB)

 Chuck Nicholson (GB)

3  Bastos Joosen Juma  BMW 528i

 Eddy Joosen (B)

 Hans Heyer (D)

 Armin Hahne (D)

 Dieter Quester (A)















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