1987 - New engine electronics

In late 1986 BMW introduced a new 7 series model that where equipped with a new third-generation Digital Motor Electronics (DME III). This new DME III become standard in the 1987 635 CSi model.

For 635 CSi the new DME III meant not just improved fuel economy, but also more power and torque. New power output for the 3430cc engine was 220 bhp at 5700 rpm and the torque was now 232 ft.lb at 4000 rpm.

The new DME III made big improvement for the catalyst engine too, new ratings where 211 bhp at 5700 rpm with a torque 225 lb.ft at 4000 rpm. This engine was also used in the European model of 735i. Countries, like Sweden, who had been using the non-catalyst 204 bhp engine from 735i for some years, now had the new 211 bhp catalyst engine in the 635 CSi.

Note that some contries, like USA, never got the new DME III (in a 6 series car).


The new DME III management system control fuel supply and ignition timing with absolute precision. More than 30 sensors and interfaces help the micro-chip heart of the DME III to generate the most accurate engine control.

The DME III also has an all-important new feature, it was learned how to learn. It does not simply run through a predetermined programme, but rather compares actual data with targeted data. It determines any change in the conditions and adjust accordingly.

Another new feature of the DME III is that it detected and memorises malfunctions, even those the driver never even notice. This information is then possible to retrieve and displayed during the next routine service. This picture show the micro-chip of a DME III.

M635 CSi

A catalyst version of M 635 CSi was available from december 1986 (1987 model). It produced 256 bhp at 6500 rpm with a torque of 242 lb.ft at 4500 rpm. BMW managed to federate this engine and the first M 635 CSi showed up in the US in July 1987.

Ellipsoid headlamps

In June 1987 the 6 series got new ellipsoid headlamps that provided more light without dazzling of the driver and oncoming traffic. The front foglamps also had this ellipsoid technology.


1987 Ellipsoid headlamps, a bright idea.

Unlike conventional headlights, the new ellipsoid headlights project the light beam directly on to the road. The beam is well-contoured and clearly defined with a brighter light than normal headlamps. The ellipsoid technology reduse the reflection and glare to a minimum.








External changes

At the same time (06/87) there was a change in the front and rear of the car. A new bumper system with integrated impact absorbers where introduced. This new bumper system minimized body damage in case of a low-speed collision, upto 4 Km/h. It also had better parking protection through larger wrap around bumper and rubber strips.

1987 Body changes

The new aluminum front and rear bumpers have impact absorbers and wide wrap around rubber strips that will protect the body up to 4 km/h. Below picture show how nice the new bumpers integrates with the rest of the body of a 1987 635 CSi.

All-leather option

BMW dealers in many countries wanted to push even more for the luxury status of the top-of-the-line 6 series models, by having them fully loaded with options like the all-leather interior.

The all-leather option means that the centre console, transmission tunnel , knee panel beneath the dashboard, glove compartment, driver stowage box, door trims, rear side panels, sun visors, roof lining, A and B pillars, grab handles, even the instrument panel is covered by the same top-quality leather as the seats have.

This is a picture showing another option, the centre console with electric memory seat adjustment. Notice that the console panels are covered with leather.


L6 - A US only model

Speaking about leather, in US only there was a special version of 635 CSi available called L6, often related as The Luxury 6 due to it's all leather interior and the fact that it was equipped with most options available.

This car where shipped from the factory as a 635 CSi, and rebuilt to a L6 by the US importer BMW of North America, Inc.

Last year for 628 CSi

The 628 CSi ceased production in May 1987. The first 628 CSi left the factory in June 1979 and the last ever produced left the factory in May 1987. The official total production number from BMW for 628 CSi is 5950 units.

Production numbers for 1987


Model Units Total for model Total all models
628 CSi 45 77 5692
628 CSi A 15
628 CSi RHD 6
628 CSi A RHD 11
635 CSi 173 901
635 CSi A 106
635 CSi RHD 28
635 CSi A RHD 594
635 CSi Cat 242 494
635 CSi A Cat 250
635 CSi Cat RHD 1
635 CSi A Cat RHD 1
635 CSi USA 278 2276
635 CSi A USA 1998
635 CSi A Japan 457 457
M635 CSi 72 117
M635 CSi RHD 45
M635 CSi Cat 69 69
M635 CSi USA 1193 1193
M635 CSi Japan 108 108