1986 - Some new options available


BMW put a lot of effort in developing the engine electronics this year,  but it took yet another (model) year until the developments where ready for production.

Engine and chassi specifications for 628 CSi and 635 CSi remained the same as of previous year. There was some difference between previous year though, but it was found in the options catalogue such as a Shadow Line finish, rear-seat air conditioning and a new spoiler for the trunk lid.


1986 Shadow Line option




The beautiful shadow line option was available in combination with diamond black metallic, dolphin metallic and pewter metallic finish. All mouldings that normally is chrome-plated are black, except kidneys in front grille.







1986 Headlight wipers



One option that had become more or less standard equipment in many countries, due to it was part of the road safety regulations in many European contries, was headlight wipers, they had been available for some years though.





1986 Rear-seat air conditioning





A cool option !

The rear-seat air conditioning has a built-in refrigerator and offer excelent comfort for rear-seat passengers.











Production numbers for 1986


Model Units Total for model Total all models
628 CSi 186 367 8386
628 CSi A 89
628 CSi RHD 16
628 CSi A RHD 76
635 CSi 539 1522
635 CSi A 413
635 CSi RHD 33
635 CSi A RHD 537
635 CSi Cat 170 626
635 CSi A Cat 181
635 CSi Cat RHD 57
635 CSi A Cat RHD 218
635 CSi USA 1037 3302
635 CSi A USA 2265
635 CSi A Japan 506 506
M635 CSi 302 1763
M635 CSi RHD 102
M635 CSi Cat 5 5
M635 CSi USA 255 255
M635 CSi Japan 40 40