1980 - European title to BMW

Team Racing Corporation Vienna won 4 rounds in the European Touring Car Championship with a 635 CSi Gr2 driven by Umberto Grano (I), Herbie Werginz (A) and Harald Neger (A). When the season was over they claimed second place overall.

The title went to another BMW model, a 320i from the Eggenberger Team driven by Helmut Kelleners (D) and Siegfried "Siggi" Muller (D) and third place went to a another member of the Eggenberger Team, a BMW 320 driven by Marco Vanoli (CH) and Enzo Calderari (CH).


Final driver standings ETCC 1980, top 3


No  Team Car Drivers Points
1  Eggenberger Motorsport  BMW 320

 Helmut Kelleners (D)

 Siegfried Müller (D)

2  Racing Corporation Vienna  BMW 635 CSi Gr2

 Umberto Grano (I)

 Herbie Werginz (A)

 Harald Neger (A)

 3  Eggenberger Motorsport  BMW 320

 Marco Vanoli (CH)

 Enzo Calderari (CH)















Season 1981