Robert Rauschenberg



Born in 1925 in Port Arthur, Texas. Study art in USA and Europe. Joined the Art Students League in 1949. Worked as a designer of stage layouts and costumes for several theaters around the world.


After some experimenting with photographic designs and painting he finaly found his own individual style with a collage technique which means combining true-to-lfe objects and photographs into an abstract panel painting. Founded Experiments in Art and Technology (EAT) in 1966.



This US version of a 1986 635 CSi was decorated by Robert Rauschenberg in 1986.

The left side of the car shows a Man of the World by Bronzino while the right side shows an odalisque as painted by Ingres. The hub caps are photographs of antique plates.





The car made its first appearence in 1986 at the BMW Gallery in New York. Europe had to wait until 1988 when it was shown at a gallery in West Berlin.

Photographs of trees and swamp grass highlight the environmental problems associated with cars and are placed on the hood and both sides of the car.




















Ernst Fuchs