Racing with BMW E24 6-series



The following pages is sorted by race season and contain results and photos of BMW E24 6 series cars and drivers in action on race tracks in Europe.





  • 1980 - European title to BMW
  • 1981 - First title with a 635 CSi
  • 1982 - BMW wins the title, but not with a 635
  • 1983 - 635 CSi back in victory lane again
  • 1984 - New racing series in Germany
  • 1985 - Success at Spa 24 hour race, again
  • 1986 - Middle year for BMW
  • 1987 - Start of a new era for BMW


I am interested in all kind of information about 6 series cars and drivers who where (or still is) competing on race tracks all over the world. If you have information, photos etc. or maybe know some other person that might have it, please send me a note.




Season 1980