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Published: 04 March 2020 04 March 2020

History of BMW E24 6-series





In the early and mid seventies BMW decided that the coupe tradition that had been so successful with the era of 1965-75 coupes needed a successor. BMW had created a tradition and an image with beautiful models like the 2000 C/CS and the e24-6-series-precursor 3.0-3.5 CS/CSi/CSL coupes, that had to be transfered to the new generation of coupes.

The management at BMW were conviced that the next generation of coupes for the late seventies and the eighties needed to be a six cylinder, high-tech and luxury coupe with an image of its own. The body needed to be strong enough to withstand the compulsory and extensive crash tests needed for legislations in many countries.


Production highlights

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Production numbers

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Engine specs

Engine specifications has changed and developed through the years. I have compilated a table that show available engines within each model for each production year and also what specification changed through the years. You find the page here and in the menu above.


Source of information



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